Business Continuity


Robust Business Continuity plans ensure that critical business functions are available to customers, suppliers, and internal resources in the event of a disruptive occurrence—whether it’s a lost file, a server failure, or a natural disaster. It’s imperative to your business that critical business functions are

protected daily to maintain service, consistency, and recoverability during times of disruption. CITech has solutions to help businesses protect their data and IT infrastructure.

Backup Plans

CITech's back-up solution protects your data with intraday, daily, weekly and monthly back-ups and the transfer of the most current image to offsite storage.   We work with our clients to determine the appropriate retention period of the backup data.   Our solution includes Daily Monitoring of the backups and scheduled verification.  

Hardware Failure or Full Disaster Recovery

A good Business Continuity plan includes recovery from a disaster.   Our solution includes the ability to virtualize servers  on the local device when hardware fails.   In the event of a full disaster with no access to servers or local backup device, we can provide virtualization in the cloud to the most critical applications / services.   CITech will work with you to device a comprehensive plan for full recovery from a disaster.