Application Development

Run your Business your way . . . we develop applications to fit your business . . . conception, development, installation and training

Businesses need technology and software to help organize, manage and streamline operations to stay competitive in today's technology driven world. As technology continues to expand and improve, businesses have more opportunities to gain efficiencies by automating tasks and centralizing data.

Custom applications allow for streamlined operations, automation of important but repetitive tasks, employee productivity improvement, increased data accuracy, AND empowerment of key decision makers to improve the bottom line.

Our approach to application development is to listen and recognize the customers needs, provide plans for current and future needs; all while staying within a defined budget. This approach defines our modular application development. 

 At CITech, our developers utilize the latest technologies to supply state of the art solutions compatible with your systems. The technologies used include: .Net technologies and tools, ASP.Net, JAVA, Windows Mobile CE, Blackberry Development, SQL Server and various other databases.  Here are just a few examples of some recently developed custom applications:  

  • Time Entry system -- Web based Time Entry from any internet connection, Monthly Time Recaps in a Calendar view for each timekeeper, Time Recap by user or case/client, ease of input with built-in data integrity.
  • INTRANET - Internal website to centralized firm data, forms and other information, including: an Electronic In/Out Board, Firm Announcements, PTO Tracking and reporting, Benefits Recap and Forms, access to other web applications
  • Project Tracking Application - Tracking of Project from Proposal Page until Completion. Each project involves budgets, quotes, reporting, monitoring, closing, etc. This applicationa also allows Clients to access final reports from a Client Extranet.
  • Pleadings Index - Moving the Pleadings Folder from paper mode to online, granting attorneys access to this information from anywhere an Internet connection can be found. The application also provides a stepping stone for our customers to go PAPERLESS.